My Services

My name is Irene Perkounigg and I am a professional translator based in Innsbruck, Austria. I provide translation services for English and Russian texts to German in the fields of Market Research, Marketing, Tourism, IT and Economy. Further subject areas and translation from German to English are available upon request.


Translation of English and Russian texts to German in various fields.


Proofreading of German and English translations or monolingual texts in various fields.

Localisation & Transcreation

Adaptation of texts for German speaking markets, for Austria in particular.


Monolingual and bilingual transcription from German, English and Russian audio or video files.

Verbatim Coding

Verbatim Coding of Market Research survey responses in German, English and Russian.

Subtitle Translation

Translation of existing subtitles, or creation and imbedding of subtitles to videos.


Prices for translation, localisation, proofreading and transcreation depend on subject area, terminology, volume and urgency. Prices for transcription depend on subject area, audio quality, volume and urgency. Please get in touch for a free quote.

Transcription Rate

  • From €3
  • Calculation:
  • Per audio minute
  • DE | EN | RU

Translation Rate

  • From €0.13/€1.50
  • Calculation:
  • Per word/standard line
  • DE | EN | RU

Verbatim Coding Rate

  • €0.30 open ends - €0.15 brands
  • Calculation:
  • Per response/code frame
  • DE | EN | RU

Experience Gained Abroad

In order to successfully work in the translation industry, gaining experience abroad is a must. Having been interested in foreign cultures from an early age, travelling was one of the motivations to becoming a translator. Take a look at the places I went to during my studies and my first years in the industry:

In the summer of 2006 I travelled to Kursk, Russia, in order to complete a language programme at the Kursk State University, where I first got to know country and people.

In 2009 I completed a Joint Study Programme at the Linguistic University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and deepened my knowledge about the Slavic culture.

Having graduated from Innsbruck University in 2011, I started working for Language Connect, a Language Services Provider in London, as an intern. After the internship I was offered a permanent position and decided to stay in London for a few more years. During that time I gained experience in the translation industry, optimised my time management and organisation skills and was responsible for running projects, looking after international clients and managing junior members of our team.

But also in my leisure time I enjoy travelling. It opens your mind, inspires, shapes the character and lets you see the world with different eyes. So far I have travelled Europe, South East Asia, Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway, Central America, the Caribbean and North America and I’m looking forward to the journeys that the future holds for me.


Examples of the work I do:


Having grown up in the heart of the Alps, I soon felt the desire to get to know different countries, cultures and languages. Learn about my professional life so far
  • 2011

    Reaching Qualification

    I obtained my degree in translation and interpreting for English and Russian from the University of Innsbruck, after having completed a Joint Study Programme in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

  • 2011

    Starting the Journey

    I started my professional career in a growing language services company in London.

  • 2012

    Getting a full-time Role

    After having gained my foothold in the industry, I got an opportunity to start working in the company’s German translation department.

  • 2013

    Growing into a Manager

    As I learned and improved, I got promoted to Lead Project Manager where I looked after a number of clients and their projects as well as junior members of the team.

  • 2014

    Inn Translation Launches

    Upon my return to Austria from the UK, I launched Inn Translation in October 2014 to provide language services for German speaking markets.